Friday, October 8, 2010

Untitled by Mabsud

- Clever me

was not blind to see

The deaths and these atrocities

And i ask youWhy all these calamities

have we reached our highest point of insanity?

have we lost touch with world wide intellectuality?

cant you seethat only our minds cant set our souls free

it seems like were bathing in a pool of hypocrisycant you feel the animosity?

How come different ethnicity cant live in peace and harmony?

Tell me why the light skin brother wouldnt go for a darker shaded sister?

Dont they know the darker the berry the sweeter the juice?

And why these little be dressing so loose?

Many say the older you are the wiser you getI tell 'em, dont count my level of knowledge with the amount

of gray strands i have or the wrinkles that counter my face

Mabsud A

Copyright © 2010

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