Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Naima, beautiful name, name for people different at places

No races, one people, coloured with delight their faces

Grace, Naima, your name means: the one deeply contented

Jealousy is not your colour, your heart is neither tainted.

Naima stands for all the women in the world

That know, what they are worth and teach their girl:

“Always keep your head up and never stop!”

Beauty runs in the name line, from your toe to the top.

Naima, a smile of joy

Everyone is all smiles saying: “Oh boy,

She has a smile with delight

Can’t help but raise a smile through the night.”

Naima, fortune is blessed on us

Warmth of her temperament is based on trust

They say, I felt a warm glow of emotion

I say, I felt all your untainted devotion.

Naima, by the thought of you, all minds dress up warmly

They can’t explain and shiver, an affection felt deeply

A declaration of love goes further, I better bite my lips

Tell me your story, while playing the piano, admirable your fingertips.

Naima, Africa and the Orient mould you into a fine person

Your eyes blazed with fire, when I read this poem's other version

Passion of youth, we are going the same way

Still a long way to go, memories don’t vanish but stay.

Naima, a smile so bright

A smile called Snow White

Your eyes were the light

Of his life, passing by on the other side.

Standing for all the ladies: Fatima, Zaira and Naima

Leave the men dream like a dreamer

Naima your beauty is the dream

Painted in colours so supreme.

Pen 'N' Paper

Copyright © 2010

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