Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Dedicated to my heartbeat

As I stare at this blank page

Thinking of ways I could master

And articulate words to let you know

Just how precious you are to my heart

And how you add an everlasting significance and beauty to my life

I am reminded of my inabilities

And most of all the limitations of the English language

For no sentence

Or word can ever truly do justice to express my love for you

For you are my strength when am nothing and my everything from birth until now

You have been like a mother when hooyo was away

A sister I could always count on

A true friend at all times

And although there were times I contemplated of strangling you

For being so darn annoying

There never has been and never will be a time I would not do anything for you

For my love for you exceeds everything that there is in this world and above

In the list of my blessings

I count you x 7

You are the most radiant and beautiful sunflower in the garden of my life

-Halima Ahmed

Copyright © 2010

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