Wednesday, October 13, 2010


They say the arrival of a daughter

Is undesired, unwanted, parents committed slaughter

They say it marks the beginning of a nightmare

How come they don’t see beauty and blessing over there

She is a burden on the shoulders that

Have raised her, it has always been her trait

Even the womb that carried her for so long

Refused an abundance of love, but treated her wrong

Birth was nothing but a mournful day

Darling, wish I was there just to say

Don’t go, we need you, please stay

Fast forward ten years

Close your eyes, whoever fears

The tragic future of the unfortunate who can’t climb that ladder

She became a slave for any younger and elder

Boys were too good for house work since birth

They were given the world, but what determines their worth

Mother trains her so she can be more

Cursing that day, asking what she conceived her for

Knowing, oh too well women have always been the undesired gender

Used and abused, loved when they put their mask on and keep it slender

Brothers and fathers order her to clean

Fairness doesn’t require “same” but equal, you know what I mean

Yet he maintains, his sons and his pride

While she says:” Dear father, I would die for you, don’t push me to the side.”

Good for nothing, society! What are you good for!

I curse the day you came to reign, more and more!

Fast forward twenty years

Close your eyes whoever fears

Her destiny, she became a beautiful wife

Trying to make a difference, she did survive

A lovely husband but, soul same character as her aunties brother

Respect and love for the soul that unifies, don’t know from one another

“Let’s have a son.” His biggest wish

It’s preying on her mind, while serving dish

As if the gender of the unborn child is in the hands of women

So hard to see the beauty? Life is not about spreading genes in semen

Forgetting that it takes two to create one

Love your wife and Love will raise your daughter and son

And above all, it is for Allah to decide

Remember what she said? ”Dear father, I would die for you, don’t push me to the side.”

Dedicated to all the girls that have been buried alive

And those who did survive

Halima Ali Ahmed in collaboration with Pen 'N' Paper

Copyright © 2010

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