Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Somebody’s Mother

Somewhere in the outskirts of a land unknown

Somewhere in the middle of a war zone

Suddenly the winds bring news of a season’s cold

In the sequence of events as they unfold

Is the story of a woman and her newborn untold

The stars align to form a constellation

The moon chimes in as they shine in collaboration

The wild beasts lie awake their bowls growl in anticipation

The guns and the men that carry them spread intimidation

The prayers become louder out of desperation

Every mother made to suffer humiliation

Every father made to suffer degradation

Every family member dead, left with no blood-relation

Every other emotion lost, Fear the only obligation

Everyone is devastated living in deprivation

I am just the narrator, only bring you the narration

I can only show its literal translation

I hope the words convey her every emotion

I hope one day this poem acts as a delegation

I can only hope you give a moment’s consideration

The morning sun brought with it confirmation of the isolation

The tiny tent stood alone in the centre of the cultivation

The child in her arms withers away with starvation

The sorrow fades only to be replaced by frustration

The torture she suffers is nothing short of an abomination

The suicidal thoughts in her head, an inclination

To put an end to the misery, a form of resignation

She prayed with all her heart for salvation

She prayed the prayers would reach their destination

She looked into her child’s eyes for some consolation

She suffered indignity, but that was just the beginning

She now suffers from insanity; it’s nowhere near the end

She has lost all hope in humanity, but she’s not to blame

There are millions like her that suffer the same

She stares into space and all she can do is wonder

What will it take for you to look her way and not the other

What will it take for you to even bother

By: Famo A. L

Copyright © 2010

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