Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Poet of Da Streets feat. Pen & Paper [Back to the Wall]

Back to the wall

Life wished to see me crawl

Can’t hear your call

Saying, against all odds standing tall

From my brother Poet of Da Streets

Pen & Paper, like the rain coming down in sheets

Poet of Da Streets is the one that feeds

The streets of South Africa with his hands

Back to the wall, that’s where hope stands

Fighting even the demons enforced by argue

Demanded by hatred, all resulted in death, all the way through

Unnoticed for the crying nation

I tried to dry your teary eye, you have my fascination

Cry no more, Somalia my beauty

Kept by hope, stick to faith and your duty

Knowing tomorrow will be better than yesterday

Yet every dark cloud today is silver grey

Covered with blood of those who died

Yet today, they are all unnoticed, nobody wonders why

Their reward

Ignorance, disregard

They died in vain

Yet now all that left is pain

Yet now our generation living in shame

Given the label “Nation to Blame”

Who are you to judge me or my fellow men

Only God can judge me, follow His divine plan

Blessed by the courage of the past generation

Stained, we work out our own salvation

Mogadishu, Kismayo, Bosaso, Hargeisa

And all the other beauties, drink patience as a chaser

Poet of Da Streets, verse by verse from South Africa

Back to the wall, never left the path of virtue - Pen & Paper

Remember every day is a lesson

Every lesson is a struggle and a blessing

Every struggle is a story to tell

Every story, guess you know Poet & Pen very well

Poet of Da Streets in collaboration with Pen ‘N’ Paper

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