Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Our beloved Prophet (PBUH) said; “Modesty is part of faith for those who follow not we solemnly lay a wreath.”

Women are amongst Allaah’s most adorable creation and sweetest blessings, a figure of love in our society. Indeed sister Allaah has honoured and described you in the best of manners. You are among those sisters in Islam that bring life to its beauty and bring joy, love to our household. By Allaah, you are indeed simply beautiful.

You are more beautiful than a rose! Much loved in Allaah’s sight, you are dearer to all the angels, yet more beautiful than a full moon. In obedience of Allaah’s commands you do all the things wise and thoughtful.

“Inshallah you be the princess of Paradise.”

O Allaah most merciful, make our sisters in Islam pray day and night till they can say truthfully and proudly, “I prayed my Salat for the sake of Allaah.” O Allaah most great, give our sisters all that which is good in this world and the hereafter. O Allaah most high, give our sisters a life full of happiness and nobility. O Allaah, support our sisters, strengthen their faith and their character.

"From your brother in Islam."

Ahmeddeey Maba Shiixaayo

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