Friday, October 29, 2010

Ten (10) Things I would say to a Somali woman

Limiting myself to ten things I could say to you

Is doing you wrong, before my voice runs dry, let me get through

It's hard! I don’t know where to start

Your story simply broke my heart

You say, you can’t trust no one and stay alert

You say, your people and nation is still torn apart


One thing you are blessed with, is pride and strength

You walked that road called hope, endless in length


Two ways to lose faith, when brought face to face

Life of hardship has been brought to your mothers place


Three decades before that fateful day

Your parents praised your birth and prayed that you’d stay


Four generations now, your beauty didn’t forfeit, having your blessed moment

Who knew, while you gave birth, a whole nation did come to an end


Five decades, counting the years and tears, your daughter is in my age

You smiled while you said:” It’s on you to turn the page.”


Six years from now… I promised my daughter, your niece

To show her the birthplace of her grandmother, and bring back her peace


Seven Wonders of the World, wonder will never cease

I wonder if your heart still beats and feels at ease


Eight years ago… the last time you saw your mother


Nine years ago… the last time you heard from your brother


Ten years… being heartbroken is one thing, but 20 years out of home is another

20 Years...

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Inspired by:

Somalia – The Nation of Poets

& Ilwad Ismail

Pen 'N' Paper

Copyright © 2010

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