Friday, October 29, 2010


My Mama. Who cared me in her tummy for 9 months! How great she is! She never complained once. Have you ever thought of how wonderful your mama is?! Indeed, you should.

Remember Somalia? How much you provided for me..

No food, no drinks. Stucked in a place called nowhere. I almost starved too death. My stomach was screaming for your help as it did for 19 years ago. You couldn't sleep or do any because of it. How great Mama she is! I would never forget how you much love you showed too your own mama. You surprised me in ways I didn't know existed. The stories grandma told; stories I never heard before! I have never been more proud to be your daughter as I was when I was there. You were just a nomad and struggled to find your own way to make it in the end.

How great my Mama is!

Yup, that's my Mama! I use to say when I walked with her in the streets and I knew that’s its no one like my mama. Had my diraac on and my Qaamar straight on top.

Oh, how my Mama was scared of the Al-shabab! Poor children who they delusion to go Jennah!

No, paradise is not that way!

Oh, I wished they had my Mama. Perhaps they would have smelled the deen and stayed clean! Told them what's wrong and rights in this dunya. Gunshots everywhere, bomb here and bomb there. Not a single corner was safe, what if my Mama told them to worship Allah more than they worshipped the guns?

Oh, If they only had my Mama. 

Laila Siad

Copyright 2010

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