Sunday, October 17, 2010


Old movement issues in the 19th century

My knowledge about those issues is elementary

New movement issues from the 1960s onwards

Basic needs covered; it’s a long way to go to self-actualisation

Brought along a beauty and a street disciple to speak about our destination

Siham define us and tell me and them about peace

Madan tell them what’s going on, our people seem at ease

When all the basics are satisfied

Food, warm clothes and shelter, just to keep it clarified

Emotive issues in 1990s caused by fights

Men want to see their children, asking for father rights

Videos showing police being brutal to minorities

What is society based on, where are the boundaries

P&P every P, we dedicate for protest

Call me Siham, as straight as an arrow, never at rest

Aiming for the best

Madan, share your love, but let me first talk about peace

For people, by people, an achievement not grown on trees

Peace required in history blood, sweat and tears

These countries are now at peace, nobody fears

Chaos and pain; peace talks are made everyday

So we can live in peace & harmony – enjoy the full play

Do you know how they bind you over to keep the peace?

Bound to your peace gives him no peace; and vice versa, so please:

Make your peace with the world by looking close

Like Madan, tell them the issues, before peace becomes an overdose

I’m not bad but if I do bad, I’m Madan just another man

I should pack my bags and go back to my mother land

And if I vote labour

What’s their favour?

What can they do for me and you?

Would they consider my views?

Or manipulate the truth like they do on the news


All seem controlled; is that how it is supposed to be?

They call it democracy

I call it hypocrisy

A new world order a whole new philosophy

They pulled out the dictionary and wiped out integrity

Political agendas based on lies just like our currency

Ups and downs due to rates and now look at the economy

I call out for protest – like Siham and P&P

Word up! We need a collective behaviour a response to a strain

We get nowhere if we don’t get up and fear the pain

Caused by relative deprivation

That’s how we lose – reason for their elevation

Collective behaviour!

Is in our favour!

Panics, crazes, crowds, rumours, riots are an explanation

Something’s wrong in societies system – Protest is my destination

If there are no other vents for concern nor engagement

Discontent might shift social into radical movement

Things are taken for granted nowadays

Things that have been achieved by protest’s grace

For example – Women and their right to vote

Wasn’t achieved with a stroke

Of the pen – Segregation has been demolished

By the achievement of protest – Apartheid abolished

Call out to protests against injustice; let’s bring it to an end

Call out to human rights by making use of paper and pen

• Pen ‘N’ Paper in collaboration with Siham ᴘᴇᴷᴈᴈ Shire & Madan Ali •

• Inspired by sitting in the wrong lecture at University of Southampton •

• (Nightingale Building - Politics – Lecture Theatre A) •

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