Sunday, October 17, 2010

Prophet Muahmmed (S.A.W)

Grew up as an Orphan

They hated you for your kindness and love

They called you a magician and a Madman

Aiming Bullets at you

But you had soldiers and Allah beside you

You were promised paradise yet you never gave up your prayers and your duty

Never has a prophet been Tested as you were

Such an Honorable "Mohammed the Grandson of Abu Mutalib"

Mecca was your home torn apart Immigrating to Medinain

In the books of History

Nobody mentions the pain you went through

You advised and advised yet so many turned away you didn't have wealth but you treasured your health

In blessed to be Muslim and carry your message you didn't Ask for a Lot just for people to believe in Allah and

Follow Islam Spreading Peace and patience Not to be Racist and allowed Mixed Races To gain Knowledge not ignorance

On your deathbed you still thought about us "your ummah"through centuries Muslims be carrying your message

But some added Extras to it Now we confused so many sects but i reject and follow your Sunnah!

Hamdi Abdullahi

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