Sunday, October 17, 2010



We refuse to see the light, as we blind ourselves with the darkness of our lies.

Not wanting to be confronted with the truth, but the truth is; this world is perfect.

But it’s we as people who inflict imbalance, and cause the world to be imperfect.

We complain about our problems instead if showing gratitude to god's blessings.

Whereas in the third world young souls suffer from proverty on early age, and all we seem to do is close our eyes and turn away.

To not feel guilty we pretend to be oblivious of the factual facts of reality.

So we continue chasing our desires and the lust for this imperfection world, to the point where we become slaves to our lower passion, because of whats fed to us by the society as freedom. We get media telling us hell lot of lies but we don’t really see them.

Young girls getting butt naked tryna symbolise freedom? But who am I to blame them.

Nowadays nudity is a trend to fashion. Society is deceving, misleading causing misconceptions in ones-self, and it starts with a lie as its inception.

So here I am verbalizing my thought to show compassion.

To those who are inslaved by western society that can’t think for their selves and believe everything they hear and see on TV, leaving them visionless. Not aware that revolution won’t be televised.

Taha Sharif

Copyright © 2010

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