Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Give Chase

I gave chase to life, now for more than two decades
Everything changed colour, not only the house facades
It makes me wonder, what is it that keeps me going
Back home my father lost everything, but didn’t see him slowing
Down. Yes, he felt down, you would, if you lost your brother
In a civil war, siblings killing one another
Dazzled by the light of confusion

One nation forgetting to embrace their people, giving chase to an illusion
Called retention of power, what power? If you weaken your folk
We all felt the pain, but now we gain, by the wisdom written on chalk

Give chase to life, considered and moderate
Those words are written in chalk, take shelter from the rain seasons fate
Give chase to life, make use of your time
Those words are written in stone, make use of your prime

I gave chase to many things in life so far
Dashing, if you compare life to golf, I never reached that par
Faith tells me to be patient, life can sometimes be lifeless

“Only in the remembrance of Allah, can the heart find peace.”

Genuinely, these are the times when my heart feels truly at ease
Worldly desires led to more fire in my soul
Relentless, burned out, still didn’t reach my goal
As one desire, leads to another liar
That’s when my soul feels gutted by fire

Give chase to your values and who you want to be
Someone with ideals and use your heart to see
As our eyes will never set us free
From that pre-

Pre-agreed by the eyes
Pre-colonial a throw of dice
Pre-revolutionary by surprise

Give chase to life
Give chase and strive

Pen 'N' Paper
Copyright © 2010

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