Thursday, November 25, 2010

Group Poem 15 - tribute to Mumia Abu Jamal "Prince, Father of Jamal"


Shelter brought a pack of panthers, suffering violence,


After racism oppressed the mother’s pride of a lioness,

His silence.

Worthy of credence.
Prince, father of Jamal,
Hold faith in the palm
Of your hand.
Let me hold the other, united we stand!
Life didn’t cast a pall of gloom over you.
Three decades of uncertainty is what you lived through.
Justice? Reproached for being unjust.
Supreme Court you lost my trust!
You found him guilty, without proving guilt!
Shot! Blood shed on the floor, now you wish to see him wilt
In a cage!
Justice? Be an outrage
Against dignity!
You wish to see him on his knee and plea.
Let me bring you back to reality.

Hate and racism pulled the trigger,

"Yeah, and I'm going to help them fry the nigger"

Where do we go from here?
When judges have nothing to fear?
When judges put lives on the line?
When judges commit crime?
When judges invite liars to the court?
When judges don’t follow the laws neither have heart?
When judges judge and hate the other colour?
When racists, filled with hatred, come to power?

You accuse an innocent man!
We support, father of Jamal to the best we can.
From Paris to Berlin, walking his street
“Rue Mumia-Abu Jamal” generating more heat
Than light, because of injustice and its shadow,
Wishing to see another widow!
Prince, father of Jamal, we shout the place down!
You already succeeded to the crown!

If suffering was meant to be.

“With hardship comes ease” Trust in the Almighty!

Dedicated to a man, who is sitting somewhere for too long
Where he shouldn’t sit, you showed the world how strong
You are, we feel your tragedy!
We pray for remedy!
We fight your enemy!
We start
With your art

Putting Pen to the Paper

Pen 'N' Paper
Copyright © 2010

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