Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Leaves on an Oak Tree

Looking at the leaves on an oak tree, reminds me of life
Living through four seasons, read the picture and take a dive
You are born, you take root, at season spring
You come into bloom, holding to your mother’s string         
You reached summer, youth is in full flower
In no time follows autumn and its rain shower
You lose strength, you change colour, never flew high, time flew by
Floating down like those leaves, looking up to the sky
The wind you played with during summer, took you to the ground
You parted from that oak tree called life, at the speed of sound
Winter is the season, where faith comes into play
I’m a traveller on this Dunya, like those leaves on an oak tree. I won’t stay.

Pen 'N' Paper

After reading the above poem sister Nimo wrote:

Yes just like those leaves you won’t stay
Neither will I nor the hours of the day
Innature we see the perfect example
Of how in all things we can see life’s cycle
We begin, we grow, and remain for awhile
After we peak we begin to decline
Weaker and weaker till it’s our time
To return to the earth from which we came
To meet Allah and hope we are free of blame

Nimo Yusuf

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