Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lost my self in London

Lost myself in London 
I know these pavements with my eyes closed
My soul got stolen from this bright lighting city
This was the place that was suppose to save us with pure harmony
But the place is filled with hypocrisy our loving enemy
Who thanks to them bought us here with their selfish envy? 

Aint no way I can start a dream here,
knowing for sure I’m living my nightmare 
Seeing my mum cry night after night knowing the good died with the dirty air of this island
You can see the eyes of the souls that are dead But with luck maybe we can mend their minds again 

But I can’t explain how it all began 
Or how my tears keep falling 
We are all in the same race, racing to reach fame, the money.
 Or most of all back to our homes, our land of the gold
But the memories are buried and folded put away at the back of our minds

What we looking for what we can’t find
Don’t know.....
Been broken for some time 
Feels like I’m getting drowned by the rain Haven’t gained nothing so what’s the point of the pain.
Don’t think I’ll be reunited with myself again
Because I lost my self in London

Idil Mahamed
Copyright © 2010

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