Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Racism has an ear,
an ear that can hear,
each hatred word that comes from your mouth,
and can also feel the angry voice that has nasty aroma just like the nasty thoughts that is in yo little head.

Racism has an eye,
an eye that can see that judgmental look within  your eye and staring at it so hard that your own eyes almost about to fall off...
inhumanly,but i roll my eye back and then looked at back at you..
shouting without voice,f*** you,and educate your self b****...

i see i got your attention on my way sucker,
racism in my book,i called it the race of another mother,
but not mingled as lovers do,coz we are meant to be apart yea..
R ruins
A aimlessly and
 C cries
I in
S sorrow
M mindless

-Fatima Ahmed

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