Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Group Poem 15 - tribute to Mumia Abu Jamal

No one deserves to be treated in such a cruel way. Mumia has been deprived of living out his life for so many years, and now they're trying to put an end to his life.
Fight alongside this innocent man.
Don't let this happen -it could happen to you someday as well. 

Mumia Abu Jamal 

Imprisoned for more than a decade,
Deprived of living out his life,
His memories still un-faded,
He continues to strive. 

Mumia Abu Jamal he is known to be
The truth in his eyes we can see,
From this false crime he wishes to be free,
But why can’t the world hear his plea? “fry this nigger” the so called judge says,
But stronger Mumia becomes throughout these harsh days. 

Skin is black,
His innocent for a fact.
On death row his placed,
With the worst reality he is faced.

Calm and tranquil he remains,
Faith in his heart he sustains.
Advises himself aside never to cry,
And to save his life he’ll try.

For so long he has been fighting,
And for the sake of justice the way his been lighting,
Black he may be, But the truth always sets us free.

Mumia brother, never give up hope,
Injected with poison or hung by a rope,
Beside you we’ll fight,
The blind and narrow minded will see in you the light.

Put aside your prejudices and give this being his right to live,
Take off the blind folds and this story do believe,
Cause all I see is a man fighting for his life,
And with all his heart he continues to strive.

Help save the life of another,
Despite his skin he’s still our brother,
Show some care,
And this story, with the whole world share.

- Nimo Abdi Warfa
 copyright ©2009

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