Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Reaching out to the yellow sun.

Once upon a time, I think I was born human, memories left in yonder, yet I remember, when I was over whelmed by emotion, like striking a matchstick, after the combustion within my system, all that remained was burnt and black.

I felt it leave, as it reached out to the yellow sun; I often wondered whether I was to ever get my soul back, I look around me, in search of its scent, but being confined to this hole by a gun, blockade walls climb higher, obscuring my vision of the yellow sun.

Surrounded by the hopeless, to even think of freedom is a death wish, my days are nightmarish and my nights are restless, more then once I wish to join the runaway slaves, and dig holes at the Egyptian border, then the jets fly over, turning the gateway to heaven into burning graves.

Frequently the wind comes with the breeze of peace, and all hope of it is gone by the time the yellow sun is setting, never even getting close enough to taste it, a struggle everyday, survival is the only way, so I am trying to stay living, young and old, mentally or physically sick, we are all placed in the same fold.

As I watch the yellow sun turn amber, the hate within me starts to whisper, what if I came to your residence, move you to refugee camps, scatter you and your people on the continent, a heavy dose of your own evil medicine, so you can experience first hand your own sin, like destroying your family and erode your sanity.

Deny your heritage; delete you from every historical page, with weapons of mass destruction, and political hidden agendas, plastic smiles ensuring your children don’t grow and come of age, make my horrors your daily stage.

At the end of each day, when the yellow sun has withdrawn its luminous rays, once upon a time, I think I was born human, now I am an animal in the empty wilderness, forgotten, the only thing I have left other then the air, is desire, desire which only belongs to freedom.

Hamza Egal
copyright © 2010

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