Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Put the pen to the paper

Let the ink from this pen bleed on this paper

Let the words pierce your heart like a sabre

Let them slice your fears like a razor

Let them shock your senses like a taser

Let them shoot through your veins like a ranger

Let them fire your thoughts like a blazer

Let your guard down, you’re in no danger

Learn to live for yourself, and not the hater

Learn to aim for your goals like a laser

Learn to avoid mistakes to avoid the regrets later

Learn to believe in the power of prayer

Learn to always return a favour

Lessons life taught you, keep them in a crater

Look into the mirror, learn to love that stranger

Look into your past, keep what you loved and bury the remainder

Loaded with self-doubt? Annihilate them layer by layer

Livid with fear? Cut through them like a bona fide slayer

Why settle for better when you can be greater

I am not an extension of my maker

Merely a proof of his existence

Famo A.L
Copyright © 2010

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