Friday, December 10, 2010

I am freedom

They say some times what you want is not what you need, yet I am on my knees into the heavens above I plead, protection and mercy for me and my family, rinse my sins away like dipping my feet into the clear blue sea.

What’s wrong with my universe, meaning is only found in the merchant’s purse, it’s like the footpath taken by mankind is were I lay my verse, the versatility in my words is not a phase, I close my eyes and they come flowing at a steady pace.

Is life but a one big race, intended for all the seeds that trickled down from Adam’s race, I seek tranquillity a place of sanctity, a sanctuary of peace to spend forty days and forty nights, away from the hustle and city lights.

I am reminded of my weakness daily, when the strength to change my surroundings abandon me, my innards tighten at the sorry sight of my community, very little see value in humanity, a twisted mentality born from hate, sad to see how we condemn one another to hardship and call it fate.

Slavery of the mind is no different then the shackles that bind, hands to feet or the whip that makes you eat your words when you speak, when nothing else is on your mind but the freedom you seek.

Yet I am unsure of this freedom, in our times has the notion or its composition changed, no longer the image of green pasture, pictured perfect and within ones brain enshrined and framed, is it delivered on legal paper, out weighing morality in all its tender.

Verily it is just as important as the blood that flows through me, like the water that softens my tongue when I am thirsty, then without a doubt it is something that enlightens and strengths me, for freedom is and can only be found in wisdom.

Knowledge holds the key to salvation from the blindfolds of ignorance, a clear path from the social dilution and pretence, before the noose of my own unawareness hangs me, what I prescribe for myself then I must intend the same for humanity.

For I am freedom, in the darkness I am the light to guide my people; I am the knowledge to teach from the difficult to the simple, my efforts will never subside even thou at times it will not be more then a trickle, and when my time of departure beckons me, I will pass on the torch of wisdom to the ones that come after me.

Hamza Egal
Copyright © 2010

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