Friday, December 10, 2010

What if?

What if Somalia never had a civil war
we would be the sparking star of Africa
exploring our best
and reaching our greatest potential

What if we didn't fail our country
we would never have foreign vultures preying
on our

What if qabil didn't matter
we would have a unified Somalis
unique individuals with different ideas
yet united on the concept of Somalinimo

What if we were united
your hoyo would be chilling with my hoyo
and our abos sipping shax at the beautiful view of sunset at the ocean
and my brother without hesitation would ask for the hand of your sister
without worrying about his or her qabil

What if we cared
our children would not be eating dirt just to fill their belly
our religion would not get hijacked
our identities would not be strangled by the few
who are driven by hatred

What if we didn't hate
we would treat each other with a bit more respect
embrace one another
rather than killing and bickering even in foreign soils
we would be alright with one another, wouldn't we?

What if we behaved like Somalis
we would extend a genuine heart to our people
love our nation and unite
and extend a caring hand to heal those who are wounded

What if a peaceful
wasn't just a dream?

Halima Ahmed
Copyright © 2010

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