Friday, December 10, 2010

If peace exists

Peace could help towards decreasing hate, stop wars, also keep evil at a bay so very far away,
Not tempting people to stray, stray to the wrong doing 
But in reality our world is already ruined beyond repair.
How can we live life if we don’t share?
The world leaders just stop and stare, whilst Palestinians killed in unnecessary warfare
Its simple they don’t care, Gordon brown wouldn’t dare, if it was Tony Blair he’d send in troops and his excuse would be” were stopping the war on terror” 
He still isn’t admitting that sending troops to Iraq was an error.

They gave out our land, let them spit on us, give them first class jets whilst we take the bus!

If I was to look at a young boy’s mentality, all I see is something that we couldn’t imagine in reality,
he saw his Pop’s being shot, mother being robbed, trying to protect his family , from what looks like the ruthless mob

I would never think of pulling the trigger killing the body which protects the soul 
So if I takeaway a life, then I takeaway mine
No fast-forward button to quicken my crime,
No rewind button to go back to that so, on so time

Peace can help prevent the death of a future innocent 
But God the merciful, and the magnificent
Has the right to choose who dies and lives
He’ll punished the kind of people who lied and killed

Jama Hussein
Copyright 2010

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