Friday, December 10, 2010

I say

I say we've had it enough
for past 20 years 
time was elapsing
world was evolving
my people still dying
and we are relaxing
I say, No more

I say we've got ton of leaders
Honestly leader shouldn't describe 'em
Leader brings about change
Leads his followers to destiny
Followers is the keyword
I say we need lots of 'em

I say Qabiil isn't the problem
The problem is more complex than that
Close to the heart 
at the DNA level we've issues
marked by ignorance and arrogance
I say we need to attack those first

I say we take a step back
get a birds-eye view 
of our issues
connect the dots 
and do something Great
Make a difference
I say we start TODAY

-- Muhammad A. Ali
Copyright 2010

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