Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This is dedicated to you

This is dedicated to my enemies, friends n' acquaintances

my favorite girl for every single gentle embrace or kiss,

and to all those who never learned to treasure relationships,

but the love good, so mind eventual chains & whips,

tied down...while God is upstairs, spreading his radiance

big ups to those who thought there's even a heaven for atheists.

Desert arabians, Chinamen and Native Americans

Aryans, terrorists, victims of humanity from Haiti to Maryland

shaping the paraffin, light the wick and let it burn to the wax

as it drips down the side like blood through tourniquet cracks

those who service the rats, feeding us their version of facts,

cuz with enough time and pressure, we'll all learn to adapt.

Word to the cat who lets dudes cop a twenty for fifteen,

and fronts the other five, just for a shot of this Jim Beam.

So tell me you missed me...& i'll come back with a vengeance,

but don't ask me anything and I might answer some questions.

Those who couldn't be happy - with their veins naked & bleeding,

if you think suicide is can't relate to the feeling.

It's vague & defeating, painful, misleading, hateful, deceiving

some folks put themselves to sleep, just to awaken the healing.

So this is dedicated to them. and to you, critiquin' this verse

dissecting every portion posted just to see if it works...

but before you make a judgement, just try re-reading it first a dedication to every single human being on Earth...

Mukhtar mohamed
Copyright 2010

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