Wednesday, December 15, 2010

wishing upon a star

Wishing upon a star
Waiting for a miracle
Waiting on the world
Wailing about the past
Wearing your heart on your sleeve
Wondering where to from here?
Wisdom as rare as unicorns
Wealth in your pockets, emptiness fills your heart

Winding path that carries you to your destiny
With all your strength you master on
Where is everyone heading?
Why are they living without purpose?
When it all comes down to the end
What’s been gained?
Worlds strong prey on the weak
Wingless birds seeking heights
Worthless things with priceless tags

Will someone lend a helping hand?
Will someone be there to catch you when you fall?
Will someone show the way when you’re lost?
Will someone heal you when you’re hurt?

Will someone walk with you when the journey’s long?
Will someone wait for you when the world has long gone?
Will someone be there no matter what?
Will someone build you when others aim to break you?

When life’s challenges bring you to a halt
Will someone be there to give you a starting jolt?
When you are drowning in bitter days
Will someone be there to remind you of better days?
When suddenly you feel like giving up
Will someone hold you and lift you up?
When they reject you, and try to change who you are
Will someone be there to accept you for who you are?

When the questions finally run dry
When you are tired and can no longer cry
When you are ready to wave the world goodbye
When you lay down your weary head and just sigh
When you let it all go and close your eyes
You realize God was there all along

By: Famo A. L
Copyright © 2010

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