Wednesday, December 15, 2010


You ain't a surface I can lean on in times of strife alone.
I'm more than capable of holding myself up.
I've walked a thousand miles without you
and have managed to make it seem but a few.
Tears I've shed many.
On my own.
So I ask not that you walk or cry with me.
I ask not that you count my tears.
Or my steps.
Instead I ask that you know not the many but the weight.
Why do I cry?
Understand the chest that heaves and the lashes that soak.
Look not to my tears but the lump in my throat.
Look to my shoulders slumped.
Why do I not stand straight?
The tears themselves do not matter.

Please look not even to my successes.
Do not share with me only my lips curved in smile.
Look not to my dress, gorgeous as it is.
Watch my little details.
My walk is my fashion statement.
My stride is my style.
Watch how my face glows.
Hear not my excited words as I speak
But just listen to the rhythm of my flow.
Let my voice be your instrument.
My words? They are irrelevant.

Replace my goals and victories
With an intimate knowledge of my fantasies.
What do I see everytime you look at me?
Learn of the things no one else can give me.
Impossible for any to know but you.
My past is a closed book.
To remain unaltered forever.
But learn of all that it took
to stand before you today.
Know that sometimes I cry and times I smile.
But understand that you can feel the weight of my burden from a single lash
and know my sorrow from a single breath.
Because when all fades and our memories blur
We will have nothing of the obvious left.

Nimo Hussein
Copyright © 2010

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