Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The perfection of a couple

The Rise of the sun early in the morining completed by the arrival of shadows of the night.
The hotness of the sun during the summer mixed with the green and the melodic songs of the bird making up the perfect july
wat would winter be without the cold?
If the lion wasnt bold wats the point of it being strong?
Could we learn if we were never wrong?

Wats the point of the sweetnes of honey if the tongue cant taste it?
How can u win if u have never lost?
How can you loose if u have never tried?
How can there be thruth if there is no lies?
How can you feel joy if u have never cried?

All the aspect i mention above..none can exsist without the other.

So when we speak of a perfect there a such thing i doubt!!

Your man might not be as rpmantic as u want him to be, but watch hows eyes glow when he sees u smile
Your woman might not cook as good as u expect
But tell me how u feel when she lays her head on ur chest

Your man dosen have the perfect body,
but in times of danger he would jump infront of a bullet for you
Your woman might not be the sm,artets one but she always knows wats the best for you.

He dosent have hillarious jokes
and he has never brought u a rose
But he has never left u alone and
he holds u tight untill the brake of dawn
Some times she is moody and she naggs
but would she die for u??
u dont even have to ask.

The 2 in the relationship neither of them are perfect
But together they make the perfection
So pleas stop waisting your time lookin for the perfect partner
coz u will never find one
Just let the love embrace your heart,
The negative characters of your lover forget about them
Concnetrate on the things u love about one another.

Ladies and the men who are PERFECTION OF A COUPLE!!

Wardhi Axmad
Copyright © 2010

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