Saturday, January 1, 2011

Clowning around

Clowning around

I walk in with lies into a theatre full of  smiles, the light shines at me but I hide behind my performance and being my flimsy romance with my audience

Enjoying myself like there is no tomorrow, Without any sorrow I waste a precious gift and stay a adrift in the  mist of distraction 

Even when you give me chances to repent I continue to rebel and surround myself with superficial excuses and continue to abuse and loose control I need to grant myself parol  

Rather than reconciliation I opt for consolidation at the absence of distraction, my foundations are being breached am under siege, I long for peace of mind but i beat the drums of my own destruction

As I construct a fortress of lies and diversions and I watch it self destruct , a vicious cycle am reluctant to confront do carry on with my front

So I play around and make funny faces and amusing pranks but the joke is on me

As soon as I get a moment of peace it pores in my world, my disguise is washing off so I paint smile back on and continue with show But for certain the curtains will come down and smile will turn into a frown

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