Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lost in words?

As I sit here read through the words of poetess 
Let me confess and condense all the stress caught on my chest 
To express my piece of the contest 
That I have unspoken words in unprofessed 
So let me share my poetry 
So that I can express myself freely 
To wake up of my Dreams and rise for the reality 
Substantiate people with what I have inside and outside of me 
See I am fayzah showsta in case you never knew 
I inference I am poetry prose just like the others 
I don’t judge by any other or there color 
Just a poet who comprehends and scrutinize the lines of rhyme 
Finally it feels like I came out of my skin and I deem like I bleed lie 
Cry out for a try and yet hide 
I sometimes get sick and tired of rhymes 
Makes me think is a waste of time trying 
Gets me mad when I don’t understand the lines 
I don’t know it just gets me the rile 
It is hard to just press on subject matter with utter 
When actually the bard engrave a line which has no texture 
Do I really sit with pen, book and I just conjecture? 
Every time I try to express spit on put my name down for 
I get stuck, impedes the accepted wisdom 
But here I am trying to answer 1 question 
Am I a really flowing it?.. Drivel? Or a good poetition?

Fayzah Muhammad Showsta
Copyright © 2010

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