Tuesday, February 8, 2011

African, Day and Night

In the company of the Earth,
I stand on my feet
Rooted in the deep dark Africa
Sun rises beaming, powerful
All corners, shining
Beautifully twisted in the metaphors of the day

In the company of the Sun,
I glow like torch
Lighted dark, illuminating ecstasy,
Incubating souls, procreating future
Brightening the shadow of the continent
The Sun, depicted in the mystery of the land
Gives birth to sons and heroes

In the company of heroes,
I scramble for the Right to live,
Struggle, Poverty, Aids, Colonialism,
All enshrined in my history,
Transcends to beleaguering future?
Heroes refute pessimism, 
Welcome Freedom!  

Abdiwali Ali 
Copyright 2011

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