Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What happened to the Somali warriors?

What happened to the Somali Warriors? 

Why are their children wiping each out from the face of the earth? 

Don't forget your forefathers, our history is rich.

(What history? Somali people have a history?)

Our history goes past quat consuming fanatics, underage pirates and a lost youth rotting in the Diaspora who can't speak in their native tongue.
It goes past Camp Dadaab, al Shabaab and a joke called TFG.
Our history goes past neo-colonist fantasies, false borders, foreign political puppets.  
It goes past the militia from the SNM, SSDF and USC. 

It goes past Siad Barre regime, past how beautiful Mogadishu was and Pan-Somali Socialist dreams. 

It goes past Hawo Tako, an unnecessary struggle for freedom and Aden Abdullah Osman Daar.

It goes past Italian Somaliland, British Somaliland.
It goes past Ogaden being granted to the Ethopians in return of Somali clans' blood, Djibouti craved into another country and North Eastern Province handed over to Kenyan Nationalists. 

Its goes past the European Imperialist Scramble for Africa.

(Somalia was never formally colonized?)

Somali history goes past the Darawiish, past Sayid Mohamed Abdullah Hassan, Warsangali Sultan Mohamed Ali Shire, past Kenadid and the Sultanate of Hobyo.
Somali history goes past the Ajuuraan Empire, the Kingdom of Ifat, past Ahmed Ghurey.

Our history goes past the Ancient Egyptian Queen Hatshepsut going to Galgala, Somalia.
The Land of Punt
The Land of Gods of the Pharaohs, past the Nefertiti necklines and the Nubian brown skin of the ancestors. 
It goes past Hathor and Bes in the Temple of Dendera.

Somali history goes past depicting our frankincense, myrrh, diamonds and gold on the Ancient Pyramids' walls.
It goes past the Laas Gaal cave paintings made in the Neolithic Age.

(People say its goes past 9,000 years but you know its deeper)

Our history goes deep into the past and we are drowning in our own Somali blood pools.


The blame is not on ENTIRELY on Somali brOWN hands.


Who made you forget your forefathers, true brothers of all the SOMALI clan?
Who gave you foreign weapons, foreign borders and foreign languages?
Who twisted, morphed and poisoned you with your Qabil, your own family tree?
Who is dumping toxic and nuclear waste in your shores?
Who is stealing your fish and making you beg for expired aid?
Who is thriving off your failed state, giving millions to warlords and taking pictures with selected political prostitutes?
Who is selling your orphaned children as sex slaves? 
Who won't stop with the bullets until you shoot all of your relatives, killing off the elderly, children and women first?
Who is gonna  blame you for your self destruction?
Who is going to grow rich from the abundant resources from your ancestral land?
Who is gonna live above your mass graves and ride the Sunaari horses?
Who is gonna live in seafront villas and  own the camels?

Who will never stop until you are NOTHING but an ugly memory, a blemish the world gladly got rid of?

(Think hard now...)

What happened to the Somali Warriors?

By Suaad Jama on 25.01.11
Lives in London. Born in Laasqoray.

I wrote this poem for my Somali people and all my other people after reading Amiri Baraka's 'Somebody Blew Up America', after watching  M.K Asante Jnr's '500 Years Later..' and after listening to Gil Scott Heron's 'The Revolution Will Not be Televised' 

Reel was not a typo, look it up for yourselves.

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