Tuesday, February 8, 2011


“I remember as if it was a given Friday in spring
Her voice still echoes like the fading light of the evening.”

Oh memories, how many times did he pray?

“I just can’t get her of my mind
A beautiful nature like hers is hard to find.”

His friends can’t see the picture, who leads the blind?

Irony, self-righteous fallacy.

“Fatima, you left them your name as a legacy.

I remember as if it was yesterday
Your words did not fade away:

‘Every child deserves a happy home
Embrace the orphans that were left alone

Left behind
In this world – they are in a bind’

The beauty of your words
Embracing every soul that hurts

You bared your soul to me – you had nothing to hide.

A new era was born without a stigma

Hope in your eyes
– no lies

Foreign to your nature
Fatima, your smile is one feature
Unveiled amongst your fellows
In mood.
It’s good
To be alive
I pray and strive
With all my heart and soul.
Fatima, what do you have as your goal?

‘Destiny – there might be a turn of the tide
It feels like my nation pretends to be asleep, just to hide
The pain – instead of holding hands and take a pride
We argued enough for today
All I want to say

Let’s come back to the light.’

Have you seen those children, I keep thinking

If life is about living
rather existing
Why are they existing
To die for a living

Something has to change
We need to write a new page

She is who she is
Proud and prays for peace
Another day to seize
It is what it is
Mankind is not easy to please"

Fatima, I saw so much truth in her eyes

When she said: ‘Destiny rolled the dice

We are bond to our all creators divine plan’

Goodbye, until we meet again.

Inspired by Fatima Barrett

Pen 'N' Paper
Copyright © 2011

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