Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The enemy within

External appears the fake, internal dwells the hate, intentions colder then an arctic blizzard, and so you keep your eyes open for the snakes, over looking the sneaking lizard.

Your life is calculated and valued by a bullet, rounded off into a single digit, zero if you live life rigged, stagnant and stuck in the reality of your dreams, oblivious to the laws of physics it seams, dwelling in the darkness of ignorance even when the sun beams.

The biggest enemy lies within, wasting time watching the pendulum swing; Darkness covers the lands if the heavens with hold the mercy the almighty wishes them to bring, sitting idol or timid is a sin.

Your better rich and guilty then innocent, poor and hungry, that’s the mentality they instil in the youth of my society, so the mother's tears flows for years, in these here streets you stumble over narcotics before you come across a penny, education is a luxury only few can afford, even if you can its falsely doctored literacy, open your eyes and bare witness with me.

A message to my people I don’t ask for much, just a little understanding, draw sense and such, and inhale the toxic atmosphere together, so what we exhale is the wisdom to over come this world’s selfish weather.

Extract and rejoice in the knowledge we draw from one another, the battle is never lost if we can save one more sheep from the slaughter, I want to see my people established as teachers, engineers and doctors, leaders with solid and just intentions.

Premonitions and solutions reverberate between my ears; I grew up watching the tug of war through out the years, warmongers feeding on the people’s fears, while the foreigners stole the gold and diamonds from beneath me, freeloading on the fish from my sea.

Biohazards in exchange for my lands beauty and wealth, depriving even the sleeping child in the mothers womb of health, but the enemy was from within, same features same skin, selling the future of his own in stealth, so my lands became a mockery, welcoming vultures and the fortune seeking mercenary.

I asked myself why I was chasing shadows, linking our own mistakes with the western pharaohs, We are to blame thinking otherwise is intellectually narrow, up and ready to shed blood for causeless sorrow, they dig not for planting of tree but the graves the barrow.

So I am empty, until my people rise from the words that lay on my chest heavy, the here and now i entrench myself for a long battle, my African nation will no longer be considered worthless and starving cattle.

It makes no difference to the enemy; they plot the carnage, as we try to meanest peace and manoeuvre, on this earth there shall be very little time for rest, until the almighty sends the angel of death, this body will be worn out before i take my very last breath.

 Hamza Egal 
 Copyright © 2011  

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