Tuesday, February 8, 2011


15 Dec 2010…

She waved - to catch my attention
From that moment, I felt tension
Not to mention, that her smile
took me to another dimension.

As we talked, we started popcorn war
The whole world were in my eyes a "state of ignore"
She was all I wanted to explore
Describing her in one word: she was adorable

One day with her was like a week of joy
I wish I could tell her that I never would play with her like a toy
Feelings grow.

I'm no mind reader but she seemed scared and scarred.
As weeks passed, my fear came true. My wish rotten like a fruit.
Insecurity took over. Undetermindness appeared like a cover.

Days have passed to follow the past days.
Nowadays, I have been creative and have built other ways.
For the moment, I only know that I have accepted that everything has its end.

 Abdikafi Nur Mohamed
Copyright © 2010

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