Monday, February 28, 2011


Amidst all the commotion
And trials of life
It is often easy 
To overlook the beauty
And happiness in your life
It is easy to embrace the defeatism attitude
And lose hope 
It is easy to be swallowed by sorrowful sea
And shed tears night after night
In times like this
Ponder upon the love of your family
Blessings of your Lord
The beauty of life
Of the little things 
That have the ability to make you smile
Try walking in the snow barefoot
It is a different kind of fun
Walk in the rain without an umbrella
Let the raindrops flirt with your skin
Stop and reflect from time to time
And, smile at random strangers
For there is nothing is more beautiful than kindness from strangers
And rejoice your life

Life is blissful. 

-Halima Ahmed

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