Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Group Poem 16 (ekphrasis): The Mask you hide behind Sister.

Behind a mask you lie
To others you’re this good girl who everybody wants to be
Had to be me who knows this secret of you  
No one has a clue but I wish you could be true to your self
Because what you represent is a Muslim
Time went so quick how your heart went bitter towards Allah
It’s my reasonability I feel it’s my accountability
Is it my fault again if you go to hell for eternity?

Was I that selfish to you and me, never prayed myself?
Believe me sister I do one day, but that’s the disagreement between me and you
I love Allah and his messager and everything you knew and felt you act like you can’t remember.
I’m confused if I should continue to have you as family,
 watch you wash away with the wind and be captured in the hands of the devil.
We are on a different game different level. as like as chalk and cheese.
But please say there’s a chance in life you’ll come back and believe
And is this the pain Muhammad s.a.w felt when his uncle died as a kuffir.

Sister that used to be a part of Islam, is it right to talk to you?
What can I do but guide you, when I'm not rightly guided myself.
But once upon a time we prayed together, 
I felt the connection it was stronger than living on earth, 
no words to describe it, but it was the first time I didn’t want to die.
So should I give up now or give a Dua for you, 
should I give up now and let it be, let you go do your own thing, never think about it,
knowing what your truly are, know that the hijab is a cover up you hide behind, the mask you display to others.
Every time I look in your eyes I know the true mind of you and you no believer. 
To be honest even though I never show you tears but today I cried knowing your words and no Love for Allah.
Allah only helps others who help them selevs so i guess I'll never hear you say the shahada again.

Idil Mahamed
Copyright © 2010

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