Tuesday, February 8, 2011

meaning of war

What is war?
A fight between two sides that represent two ideals!
But what is the meaning of war?
Death! Cries! Victory! And when the novelty wears off… more cries!
If we can elaborate on the meaning of war…

It is the gaze that has trapped the essence of sadness
From her fingertips to the pit of her soul
And sadness wants to escape and flow free from her eyes
To run down the tracks he made, the path he dyed upon her face
War was when her well had dried and blood took its place
But now selfishly retaining what little she has left

It is the fragile frame that has lost its roar
The raging fire extinguished by that final whimper
That sturdy presence that once exhumed grace
Has now withered and dried, her exposed thorns blunt and futile
It was when she became disabled and dropped the world on her shoulders
The day her legs gave out during her hunt

It is those dim ears that mutes the sounds of gunshots
But pokes at the piercing shrill of a drop of blood
If only it were just a drop of blood!
She would readily donate that one drop of blood!
Its deafening to be consumed by the flow of blood
Swimming against the sea of dead she searches for a hole to tend
A frantic but vain attempt, she finds the hole only swallows any stem

It is the pride misplaced with dignity and grace
That mother tongue that once danced out of her mouth
Now burns in her throat as it was the children of mother who taught her pain
It is when the lucky and chosen few are branded refugees
Residing in the illustrated homes far overseas
It is when the caress of your land between your toes
Becomes the eminent death sentence

So again, what is the meaning of war?
The scent of blood has become a norm
By that shadow of death in Mogadishu town
Somalia died bound and tied long ago
20 years of her children’s cries over rode her howls
And shot guns silenced the few that mourned
Now the question that remains…
When will there be victory?
Just a moment of peace to live in the novelty.

Copyright © 2011

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