Tuesday, February 8, 2011

If you pretend to know her

What if you pretended that you knew her?
Assumed her everyday attire was a vision of what was underneath those veins
What if her eyes where a reflection of the inner core of the thoughts that ran for miles
View her ideas, her visions, her dreams, her aspirations and what makes her smile
These books you pretend to have been reading from her
Have been incorrect and indecisive upon this journey
See, what she yearns for is what no one can provide but herself
But you don’t know her, bet you think that it doesn’t matter
That the war torn country she came from was just a minor blimp in her life
That the nightmares you wake up from, are her reality and where she comes from
Cause you might pretend to know her, but the persona she displays are the only things that you can see
 Her attire is the only thing that you can read
Her veil speaks for itself on what her heart desires
She wants peace her eyes will never again comprehend
Post traumatic does not define what lies beneath
Her heart aches for the beautiful sunsets she used to see
Instead of the atomic bomb threats coming from over seas
“Pirates” her family was labeled
“Terrorist” was what the religion “enabled”
Not “love”, not “innocence”, cause these titles where unfamiliar to her everyday tongue
Unfamiliar to her world, because she does not come from a land that believes it can be over
Her people were blamed for the bloodshed that painted the town red
Not the poison that was trickling in the minds of those that wanted the bread
Her mother was telling her that the verses in the Quran
States that “after hardship will always come ease”
And she was trying to figure out how to obtain that peace
In this land of diseased dreams
In this air full of poisoned thoughts
Of what she believes are illusions of a better tomorrow
You can pretend to know her, but you will never understand her

- Sarah Omar
Copyright © 2010

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