Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The believer and the disbeliever in school

The believer thinks of his Lord on his way to the school,
 the remembrance of Allah makes him feel so cool.

The disbeliever jumps out of his bed,
hoping he wasn’t too late.

The believer starts his day with Duas and Wudhu.
 Fajr prayer and breakfast on his table.

The disbeliever swears and wishes it was a Friday and not a Monday.
thanking his God brings too much effort.

The believer greets his friends at school and share what he learned at the Masjid.

The disbeliever acts like he is on of another episode of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and tells them how many girls he scored.

Two brothers who used to share same deen.
One followed his Noor
The other pretend to be a fool,
But he knows the rules.

Brother Noor wants Brother Fool to dig deeper to find the truth.

Laila Siad
Copyright 2011

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