Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I'd  remember I couldn't speak
I had to make gestures just to get kiss on a cheek
I had to speak wit my body just to get milk from my moms titty
And when I didn't get as I wished
I had to cry for it
Never understood why couldn't afford it
And never will
Never til I learned ABC's
And I start scoring A's on my degrees
Books came then shock came
Started to communicate
But never had a common mate
When my emotions got great
I couldn't ventilate
Never had someone that understood my heart rate
Felt so strange, strange rage arranged
My strange ways so I've seen lot of strange days
My range from my view got me looking at people in my review
Cause in my life menu I found Words Words Words
These words words words got me cursed
It felt so but now I know, I'm getting rehearsed
For my main event, This is destiny something I wouldn't prevent
It felt like torment, It was my actions and what I have forth sent
Karma called it whatever start knocking on my door and now is a guest forever
I called it my actions responding for a corrections
It never stopped my passion   
But I feel the affection and humans predictions
Slowly making me a victim, this is sickdom
Pointing fingers but every hand got three fingers pointing back
In this sick community, society theres no purity or unity
I'm glad to be a menace cause there is nothing for me
I'm tremendous in my self imaginary
Enormous to my casualties
Your sickest fantasies couldn't capture me
All the words and prescriptions couldn't prescribe me
If you do
Then which one or what side of me
See just because I be speaking or behaving at your level doesn't mean
That I'am just another bean
This is just words words words
For these headless birds birds birds
We know every bird fly with his own herd herd herd
Is still words transforming to an act

All praises to the most high Allah
And praises to most fly taaadaa

Mohammed Abikar
Copyright © 2010

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