Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Not just a friend

You watch him lie
Then deny and you walk around like everything is fine
You gave him your heart and he is tearing it apart
Girl when you will realize that he is not worth your love
And that he is wasting your time

He makes you cry
And never there to dry your teary eyes
And I can’t lie
You are one of a kind
A rose in my eyes

We have been friends
Spent many years and more times
I swear you have melted my heart
Every time you smile
I feel the sunshine on your lips so bright

In your arms I felt like home
And there you have destroy all my pain and fears
You cheered me up
And made heart beat faster than a deer
Now hear me clear

I know you like myself
In the malls he is lost
But I look into your eyes
And tell you here is your favorite color
My dear
You just smile and walk on

Then call me later
I can hear that you chocking
You can’t speak but hardly breathing
He is treating you bad
I can’t take it

I don’t wanna hear about him
I wanna be him
But not like him
Better than him

Hold you tight and never let you go
I wanna be the one you love
I wanna be the one you tell your girlfriends about
Walk with your hand in hand
Hug you and listen to your heart’s beat

Kiss you and tell you that I have missed you
Light some candles when the sun goes down
Let me in
I will stand by you thru the seasons
Summer, autumn, spring
And winter my arms will never let you go
Even when we have melted the snow
I will still be by you

I wanna be more not just a friend

Poet of The Streetz (P.o.s)
Copyright © 2010

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