Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Do you realise what you have done,
You say its destiny
That’s the way it’s meant to be
But destiny is only written down
Because one who has infinite knowledge
Knows you best you see

When the child up against that wall
Looks up to the sky with eyes full of no hope
Because you put a bullet to his parents mouths,
When you squeezed the life out of this dirt
Just Below your feet
And you stained it, lipstick red
The same colour she bought that evening
She put on to impress her husband and family
Before you shot her through the head
War is indiscriminate.
His mature mind pulsates with thoughts of revenge,
Encased, being held back by his young skull

Do you realise what you’re doing
When you crouch, like the killers of the savannah
Methodically aiming you ak47 in a house,
Through a window
And towards yet another man

As you aim do you not see?
The man, sitting opposite wears the same skin as you
Has grown up on the same land,
With which your mother and father, as toddlers would play about
He speaks the same tongue as you
And on Fridays you would most probably sit next to him
As you bow your heads
To the same direction,
With the same intention
But maybe your feet and shoulders were
Miles apart

As you point, do you not see the devil?
Has artistically drawn a border between you and he
A border paper thin,
Yet strong to make you become a murderer
This wall he cast onto your eyes,
Stems from a single word
A word if a dare say it,
Fear it may cause another human life
Another little boy with eyes to the sky,
Tears swelled up,
The boy you were once… maybe?
The word Qabil
There goes another life.

 Hawo Sayyid
Copyright © 2011

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