Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Group Poem 17 (Moment): Hooyo

Of waiting by your bedside,
Hoping and praying,
And staying positive,
For myself, and for others,
Even when my mind was tempting me
To fall into a deep well of depression,
And despair,
There you were, hooyo
My heart ached with every sharp breath
You took,
As if my own body was experiencing,
The emotional and physical pain,
That you felt.
But when you came home,
Though weak you were,
It was as if the past months of grief and pain,
Ceased to exist.
What did it matter?
You were home,
You were on the road to recovery,
By Allah’s decree,
You beat the predictions of death,
The statistics, the ‘chances’,
They gave you,
I couldn’t contain the happiness within me,
As you chatted with us, happily,
 Glad to finally be back,
To the place which you longed for,
And which longed for you,
Happy to be reunited with the loved ones,
Who abandoned this place,
Which no longer felt like a home,
Without you,
To stay by your side, day and night,
And I knew then,
As you smiled your beautiful smile,
From that day on,
I would never,
Leave your side.

-Bint Qalin
Copyright © 2011

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