Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bitter Sweet

Floating in euphoria the ground used to know my feet,
Words of love and affection felt by the body just from speech,
Optimum levels of happiness in presences of company so easy to reach,

Significance of the future sounds and resonates in the current,
Win or lose the battle it makes no difference as casualties are ever present,
Bitter sweet, this life has taught me more then just the means of the resilient,

So I smile from the knowledge of this beautiful flower I hold,
Out of this entangled web of egos and faults raise the bold,
I over heard the mind speaking to the heart and this is what it was told,

Do you not feel the cold, from the hostility that continues to unfold?
The anguish you bring if you are lead by the melody of the heart’s strings
Surely the damage of your rhythmic beat has come to you awareness

The heart listened in silence, gazing into the distance, still in defiance,
Yet the heart always knew that which the mind spoke is true,
Guilty as charged, the human desire as always been a weakness,

Sometimes it is acceptable to be selfish, some times it is reckless,
Looking at the flower in my hand, I know that if I don’t water it the heavens will, Everything is everything, and all that comes between life, death and after is the almighty’s will.

 Hamza Egal
Copyright © 2011

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