Tuesday, February 8, 2011

She was a sister

They dared me to give her the number..
Sweared that she's some kinda girl with no manner..
She was a Sister..
Blessed ,well behaved daughter..
All that she did was she didn't bother..
Her innocent heart made her one of a kind..
Her beauty had me absolutly blind..
They dared me and I did it..
They fooled me and I admit it..
Now I lost her, completely lost her..
She was the only one for me and all I brought her was a tear..
I love her but it was just a dare..
She asked me if I was the shelter..
Maashallah all she named me was a brother..
How can I forgive myself..I know she won't..
I killed her once..
Now I won't stand a chance..
She amazed me with her softy words..
Her character saved her from these lusty nerds..
Why did she believed I was the best..?
Sometimes I just wonder why did she gave me her trust..
She thought I deserve it..
She thought I would earn it..
So sad i'm straight from the street..
I have some players to compete..
Play the game and share it with the fellow fools..
That was all the rules..
But why the Sister, why this innocent soul..
Against these fools out of control..
I loved her ,kissed her and now I miss her..
I can't take her back guess it's all over..
Hope she knows i'm changed now..
All I wish for is to knock her door if her dad would allow..
Her father hates me..
The anger in his eyes is enough to suffocate me..
I wish I treated her like a lady..
Like a father with his baby..
To ruin her was the order..
They destroyed my chance for a wife, my only lover..
I know I lost opportunity..
I failed to keep the real definition of "Beauty..
But she changed me to a better person..
Her existence was my lesson..

( Inspired from a true story)

Copyright © 2011

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