Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Group poem 18 (Free Verse): I hate you

Recollection of this remembrance
Needing that help, so help me to forget it.
How come every time I see you the atmosphere doesn’t seem clear it’s getting slow and slow?
And you know I’m in fear.
Going through this transgression
Feeling the tension
Sometimes I wish you felt the pain like the pain you gave to me.
Sometimes I wish the worse upon your living the only way to stop my tears.
Weak beneath the world
I’m alone in this room, in this city.

And this beating and heating if only I could give a description.
I hoped it would be nonfiction.
I wanted to sum up the division, if I tried speaking, no one wouldn’t listen.
Everyone thinks your innocent; I should give you an Oscar award.
See I wish I could speak up and give out the source.
When I try and say the words I keep on stuttering.
And no matter how many I take the pain won’t heal.

When I think about it this is so surreal.
How can I break it to anyone and just reveal.
You are clawing on my skin, choking on my soul.
Looking at the moon, making my mind disappear,
Not focusing of the feel.
Grabbing and digging right through me, your nail scratches save a mark. 
So I keep going deep and deeper into my own world.
Draped feels as though I’ve been taped still on the floor.
I can’t move I can’t breathe; I’ve never hated being me so much before.  
Waiting for the day I become brave and speak and I’ll breathe with relief.
Because I’ll finally be free, You are evil and the true devil indeed.

Idil Mahamed
Copyright © 2011

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