Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Orange Overalls

Inspired from a brother,
Whose skin shone the intensity of his passion!
I too wonder, what happened…………….
What happened to that screaming child, as she watched injustice
What happened to that open fire, that lit everyone’s skin colours

What happened to the fist, that pounded the prison wall,
Injustices can not only break down walls, it can pulverize the foundations its based on
What happened, that’s the question………..
When did I change from a child to an adult

Shackled by social ribbons

What happened to the kicks, the fists, the screaming roars
The force of energy which resonated from inside
What happened………..
When did I change from being a child to an adult?

Shackled by social ribbons

Why had I not become that little girl, when I saw
My own brother, also shackled by orange clothing
Held down by iron bars,
Held tightly, by those prison walls
Because he held his fist to his chin
Why didn’t everyone roar, to the injustice?
The injustice that’s paraded on our televisions like some entertainment show
If my screams and fists would change this world
I would scream from the tops of snow clad mountains
Run from country to country, on this fuel
I would pulverize those foundations and let my brothers go……………….

Now I ask you, where is that child within you!

Hawo Sayyid
Copyright © 2011

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