Tuesday, February 8, 2011

In the desert of Africa

Two months was the time I understood who I was
Got a wakeup call of the Azan
In the morning I got up
Thanked for receiving another day

Reminded me how lucky I was
One day in the desert was enough
Milking cows they didn’t even have
Smiled as I was a multi billionaire
Truly, in the desert I got the inside sight

Days filled with joy and no money
Food we shared little, basto and bris with stones,
Sometimes with Galenjos

Their wars didn’t interpret my happiness,
Shoot if you want, but not in Fajr time!
Indeed, the ones who was up prayed for God!

In the desert, I smiled as I had everything I want!
Left my desires back home,
In the desert it didn’t matter how much money I had in the bank
Just my deen and the right pace to Jennahtul Firdows!                              

Laila Siad
Copyright 2010

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