Sunday, February 20, 2011

Light camera and action!


If I was on the top floor of the world tallest building and I were to look today’s world through my window, what would I see?

Small people like little ants being watched and recorded everyway by big brother?

Who is big brother?

A  wannabe movie producer?



Don’t they know we are all being recorded by a higher power in this movie which will only end at end of time.

Every movie is played by actor and an actress playing...

The good
The bad
The hero
The villain
The old
The young
The narcissist
The femme fatale
The hustler
The preacher
The fool
The alien
The teacher
The gangster
The joker

The list is endless.

Which role will you choose to play????

We have a choice in life.

A good character is the key to a true success.

Do good  in life so you shall end with a happy ending.

Laila Mohamed 
Copyright © 2011

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